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by Modesto Castrillón Santana last modified Jul 31, 2014 02:09 PM
DEPTHVISDOOR Database description

Database used in the paper:

"People semantic description and re-identification from point cloud geometry", Castrillón, M, Lorenzo, J, and Hernández, D, ICPR14.

The access to the data for academic/research purposes requires the request by email after filling the agreement.



The database contains images captured with a RGBD sensor from a top view covering the entrance to a classroom. The images were captured in three different days at the lesson beginning (8 am) and end (10 am). Different information has been annotated, being available:

  • Identity
  • Gender
  • Hair color (dark, brown, blond, colored, no hair) and length (long, medium, short, tail, no hair)
  • Torso color and style (T-shirt, shirt, jacket, jumper, open jacket or similar, top)
  • Legs clothing (trousers, shorts, skirt, other) and color
  • Backpack presence
  • Bag presence
  • Something in hands
  • Shows style (open, close) and color
  • Entering, leaving the room or both
  • First and last frame of the individual presence
  • Rough location of the individual head center (if visible)
ROC-SIANI A-Tirma's participation at the WRSC'2016

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