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Jorge Cabrera-Gámez, Antonio C Domínguez-Brito, F. Santana-Jorge, Diego Gamo, David Jiménez, A. Guerra, and José J Castro (2020)

Acoustic Detection of Tagged Angelsharks from an Autonomous Sailboat

In: Robot 2019: Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference, ed. by Silva, Manuel F. and Luis Lima, José and Reis, Lu\'is Paulo and Sanfeliu, Alberto and Tardioli, Danilo, pp. 295–304, Cham, Springer International Publishing (ISBN: 978-3-030-35990-4).

Autonomous sailboats are silent surface vehicles which are well suited for acoustic monitoring. The integration of an acoustic receiver in an unmanned surface vehicle has a large potential for population monitoring as it permits to report geo-referenced detections in real time, so that researchers can adapt monitoring strategies as data arrive. In this paper we present preliminary work, done on the framework of ACUSQUAT project, to explore the usage of an acoustic receiver onboard a small (2 m length-over-all) autonomous sailboat in order to detect the presence of tagged adult exemplars of angelshark (Squatina squatina), the target species in ACUSQUAT, in certain areas which have demonstrated that this approach is feasible. Results obtained in simulation and during field trials are presented.

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